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Founded in 1996 by Amy and Jeff Wylie, the name Why Not An American Ark represents Amy and Jeff's journey of making their dreams become a reality.

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Twenty-five years ago while driving through the countryside Amy and Jeff admired the raw farmland that is now home to WNAAA. When Amy suggested they purchase the land for their home and livelihood, Jeff replied "Why Not!" and from there the rest is history.

A drive through the little town of Whynot outside of Asheboro is the inspiration for the name Why Not An American Ark. Amy and Jeff both chuckled at the name and from that point on Jeff’s response to Amy’s questions always started with Why Not...Why Not one more dog, Why Not one more horse...

Amy and Jeff first put their passion into creating the Why Not An American Ark Equestrian Center - one of the first in the area that hosted USEA events and circuited sponsored shows. As time went on Amy and Jeff turned their energy towards animal rescue starting with dogs, rabbits and exotics. They became known for their willingness to take animals that had nowhere else to go. Over the years Amy and Jeff’s interest evolved. Their love of animals propelled them to further develop the land to create a place where they can share the farm experience with others and for people to connect with nature. 


Today many species of rescue farm and exotic animals reside on the farm.  

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Why Not come visit the farm?  Bring your camera, a picnic and stay for a while!

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